Can You Put Powerxl Air Fryer Basket In Dishwasher?

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When it comes to cooking, we all want an easy way out. We all prefer smart work over hard work. Cleaning an air fryer power xl can be challenging for procrastinators. It was hard for me, as I often left the cleaning job saying: I will surely clean this gunk tomorrow, shamelessly repeating my lazy routine. This often triggers the question: can you put powerxl air fryer basket in dishwasher.

Air fryers aren’t that difficult to clean. These countertop appliances use hot air and little oil to air fryer food; with little to no mess. However, no regular clean-ups after every cooking session would accumulate water, moisture, grease, and oil inside the fryer tray and basket. This grime can then be hard to remove. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary for a fully-functional appliance. Let’s discuss this in detail!

Can You Put Powerxl Air Fryer Basket In Dishwasher?

Yes, the power xl air fryer basket is dishwasher safe. It can endure gentle cleaning cycles. However, per your power xl product model, it’s advisable to read the user manual regarding its cleaning process. The manual usually recommends handwashing the basket; despite it being dishwasher safe. This is because improper care while washing can damage the basket or even deform it.

    Can You Put Powerxl Air Fryer Basket In Dishwasher

    Air Fryer Basket-An Airy Basket:

    The Air Fryer is a great countertop appliance with the potential to cook food with varying cooking methods, whether steaming, roasting, grilling, sauteing, or air frying. Air fryer working includes a heating coil that generates heat and a fan that circulates it to every nook and cranny of the fryer.

    This facilitates even cooking. Its accessories include an air fryer basket where the food to be cooked is placed. Moreover, this basket is a barrier between the food and the heating element. The baskets usually come with non-stick surfaces, preventing food from sticking to their surface.

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    Is the PowerXL Air Fryer Basket Dishwasher Safe?

    The powerxl air fryer basket is dishwasher safe. However, not all powerxl air fryer parts are dishwasher-friendly. These include the fryer unit, its heating element, and the control panel. They aren’t water-resistant and can get damaged if submerged in water. Although; the manual permits the basket to be dishwasher cleaned, it still provides some guidelines; to protect its non-stick covering. 

    How To Clean Power Xl Air Fryer Basket In Dishwasher?

    To clean up your discolored power xl vortex baskets, you need to follow the steps below:

    Unplug The Device:

    The foremost step is to unplug the countertop unit. Doing so; will stop the electrical current through the unit and reduce the chances of you getting electrified.

    Cool The Device:

    If you have just used the device, let it rest for 30 minutes; to cool down its internals.

    Remove The Fryer Basket:

    The PowerXL air fryer comes with plenty of detachable parts. Safely remove the fryer basket for cleaning to make it germ-free.

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    Remove Excessive Baked-on Grains:

    Non-regular clean-ups cause stubborn food stains to build up. Every cooking session, the food residue from high temperatures smells burnt. It generates toxins and other harmful chemicals, making us vulnerable to diseases like cancer. Therefore, regular cleaning is necessary.

    If your fryer basket has excessive food grime, the dishwasher won’t reach every corner and edge of the accessory. 

    • Add warm water and a few drops of dish soap in a sink. 
    • Submerge the basket in the dish soap mixture. The stubborn food stains will loosen up.
    • Remove the food gunk with mild scrubbers.
    • Rinse the basket to remove the soap.

    Tip: You can use wooden planks to remove the excess residue from corners.

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    Dish wash Cycle:

    • Add a mild dishwashing detergent into the dishwasher.
    • Place the basket inside it.
    • Run the dishwasher on a gentle cycle. Although the basket is heat-resistant, its non-stick coating isn’t. There is a high chance that high temperature and water pressure can peel off the non-stick coating, rendering the device unusable. 

    Air Dry:

    After the standard cleaning cycle, remove the free basket and visually inspect it for food residue or stubborn stains. If the stains exist, manually clean them up instead of dishwashing them again. After that, air-dry the appliance; to prevent rust built-up. 

    Tips For Effective Dishwashing:

    • Don’t overcrowd the dishwasher. There should be plenty of space between the accessory for proper water circulation.
    • Place the fryer basket on the top rack. This is done so that there is more distance between the basket and the washer heating element.
    • Don’t use harsh chemicals (chlorine, bleach), which can damage the fryer basket coating.
    • The fryer accessories usually feature insulations and a non-stick coating. Therefore, you should not use steel wool and abrasive stuff to clean them. You can use a moist cloth, rag, or sponge to clean the powerxl fryer
    • Always air-dry the accessories. Don’t heat them in the oven to dry, as it can damage the them.

    How to Clean and Care + Cautionary Tips?

    How to Clean and Care + Cautionary Tips | 10-qt PowerXL Vortex Dual Basket Air Fryer - DUAF-10

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    We have targeted the most frequent query: Can you put power xl air fryer basket in dishwasher. The fryer tray and basket are dishwasher-safe; however, you should take care while using the machine. The basket is not scratch-resistant, and some come with non-stick coating, which can get damaged in the dishwasher. Although a dishwasher; is an easy way to wind up your chores, it’s still advisable to hand wash the device to prevent damage.

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