Can You Put Ninja Air Fryer Basket In Dishwasher?

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Everyone is out for smart rather than hard work in this modern era. Air fryers have smartly taken the palace of deep fryers; due to their ease of use and convenience. You can cook crunchy and crispy fried food with just a button push within minutes.

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However, when it comes to cleaning, there is always a question: can you put a ninja air fryer basket in the dishwasher?Since most people find cleaning tedious, they always do it for shortcuts- and using a dishwasher is one of them. Let’s explore whether the air fryer basket is dishwasher-friendly!

Can You Put Ninja Air Fryer Basket In Dishwasher?

Yes, absolutely! The ninja air fryers are all proposed appliances that offer air fryers with detachable dishwasher-friendly parts. The fryer basket is one of them. However, you must take care during the cleaning-up process. There are certain guidelines that the manufacturers provide while using the dishwasher. Apart from dishwasher safety, some experts recommend handwashing the basket as it is easier and safer than the dishwasher alternative.
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Can You Put Ninja Air Fryer Basket In Dishwasher

How To Clean The Air Fryer Basket In Dishwasher?

To clean up the air fryer basket, you need to follow the following steps:

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Step 1# Clean up Excess Food Residue:

Since; the air fryer baskets host the food to be cooked, the food residue will accumulate over it. Not properly cleaning the appliance after every cooking cycle; can result in baked-on grease that can be very hard to remove.

Therefore, before placing the basket into the dishwasher, pre-clean the basket. Submerge it in soapy water for a few minutes. Then with the help of a non-abrasive sponge, try to remove the stuck food debris. You can also use a soft bristle brush to access hard-to-reach corners of the fryer.

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Step 2# Read Manual:

This step is a must. Read the user’s manual to know what precautions should be taken while washing the basket in the dishwasher. Moreover, this will help prevent damage or void the basket warranty.

Step 3# Remove parts:

The air fryer as a whole unit cant is put into the dishwasher. Therefore, remove all the removable parts, including the reversible racks, grills, skewers, basket, cooking pot, etc. You can place these parts individually in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. 

Step 4# Using Mild Detergents:

When choosing the type of detergent for washing, you mustn’t use strong, hard chemicals for fast clean-up. The harsh chemicals in these detergents can react with the non-stick protection of the basket and hence, flak it off. The chemical coating will then get mixed with food every time you use the fryer. Health-wise, it’s cancerous. Therefore, use mild non-stick cookware-friendly detergents.

Step 5# Gentle Rinse Cycles:

This step is very important. While using the dishwasher, select the gentle rinse settings because high temperature and water pressure can damage the plastic counterparts of the basket. Moreover, it can result in wear and tear of the non-stick chemical coating onto the basket. Once the layer is damaged, the fryer basket is useless.

Step 6# Air Dry The Basket:

Lastly, you need to air-dry the basket. Placing the wet basket inside the fryer and using it to cook food would reduce the internal temperature during the cooking process and make the food go soggy.

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Tips For Safe Air fryer Dishwashing:

Detergents: Avoid using harsh and abrasive detergents. The harsh detergents will react strongly to clean the basket’s non-stick layer. This will have adverse effects, as the coating will deteriorate, making the basket part useless. The food will start sticking to it, reducing its lifespan.

Temperature & Water: During the rinse cycle, keep the temperature and the water pressure to a bare minimum. High heat can cause the chemical coating to melt, whereas high water pressure can deform the basket and render it useless.

Overloading: Don’t overcrowd the dishwasher with other items. This will reduce the cleaning space, and the basket won’t be able to clean up properly as the water won’t circulate properly.

Utensils: Don’t use metal utensils; they can scratch the non-stick coating. Use plastic or silicon utensils.

Exposure: Don’t leave the air fryer basket for too long in the washer. Prolonged water exposure can cause rusting. 

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We have demonstrated can you put ninja air fryer basket in dishwasher. The air fryer is a faster cooking appliance producing food of crispy texture and is more efficient than traditional ovens. Its hot air circulation cooking techniques promote even and rapid cooking. The fryers come with detachable, dishwasher-safe parts, among which the fryer basket is one. While cleaning in the dishwasher, you must not use harsh chemicals, high heat or water pressure as it can damage the basket coating. Gnetle rinse cycles should be administered for safe cleaning.

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