Can You Put An Air Fryer On A Wooden Surface?

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Air fryers assist in the oil-free frying of food. They are a great alternative to deep frying techniques. Although; health-wise it brings plenty of benefits and is of great convenience; one should take great care while using it. This also includes where to store and use it. Our article targets the potential question: can you put an air fryer on a wooden surface?

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We will highlight whether it’s advisable to put your air fryers on a wooden surface and provide you with some safety recommendations.Let’s dig in!

Can You Put An Air Fryer On A Wooden Surface?

No; it’s certainly not advisable to put your air fryer on a wooden surface. The fryer can damage the wooden surface; moreover; it can cause a fire. It’s best that you always have a heat-resistant layer between you and your wooden countertop.
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Can You Put An Air Fryer On A Wooden Surface

Why Should You Not Use Air Fryer On Wooden Countertop – Top 4 Reasons:


The air fryer cooks food using hot air. Its heating element creates heat whereas the fan circulates the hot air within the fryer for even cooking. Since the food is cooked at high temperatures; vents are designed for effective heat dissipation and to keep the device cool.

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Now; if you use the air fryer on a wooden countertop; obviously you will find the place where you put the fryer hot. Continuous usage on a wooden surface; can make the wood even crack or discolour hence ruining your kitchen’s beauty. 

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Fire Hazard:

The wooden surface could also get burnt and cause a fire. It could lead to a safety hazard and harm your house. Moreover; you can check where you often place the air fryer; that there are multiple burn marks. Unfortunately; these burn marks are permanent.


The heat released from the air fryer is so dangerous for your wooden countertop; that the surface could start cracking or become char. 


 The air fryer produces plenty of steam while cooking. The wooden surface is not good with moisture. When plenty of moisture starts accumulating on the surface; this can result in rot or water damage.

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Safety Recommendations:

Although the wooden surface isn’t heat-resistant and has catastrophic results; there are still plenty of ways; in which you can prevent the surface from damage. The key idea here is no direct contact between the air fryer and the wooden surface. For this; plenty of materials are available:

Silicon Heat Mats:

Silicon heat mats are heat-sensitive mats that can be placed under the air fryer to protect your wooden countertop. The silicon material is highly heat and moisture-resistant. Moreover, it’s flexible, easy to clean and non-slip. After usage; you can clean it easily without a headache. Since these mats come in various shapes and sizes; do make sure you purchase one that’s big enough for your air fryer.

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Ceramic Tiles:

These tiles come in various colors and designs. They can also act as a protective layer; shielding your wooden countertop from the air fryer. Like silicon, ceramic tiles can also endure high temperatures and moisture. Another advantage is solid, even surface that they provide. To use them, place them evenly onto the wooden surface and then place the fryer on the ceramic tiles.

Note: Metal trays made up of aluminium or stainless steel can be used as a protective shield; however do note that metal can scratch your air fryers as well as your wooden surface.

Cutting Boards:

Cutting boards are yet another protective shield for use. It’s best that you use either a hardwood cutting board or a bamboo cutting board. The bamboo cutting board is usually the best as it features anti-microbial properties and is heat/moisture-resistant. Hardwood board can also work; however; it should not be made of softwood.

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Heat Protector Mats:

Heat Protector mats are also useful. They are usually made up of fibreglass or cork. They are heat-resistant and moisture-resistant. They are non-slip and are easy to clean as well. These mats can easily be cleaned with dish wash soap or with a damp microfiber cloth. It’s best that you purchase one that’s similar to your air fryer’s size.

Can You Put an Air Fryer on the Countertop

Can You Put an Air Fryer on the Countertop | Tips for Safe Air Fryer Use


It’s important to use your hard-earned appliance with care. Therefore; we have answered the common query: can you put an air fryer on a wooden surface? Putting your air fryer on a wooden surface can cause potential fire hazards; may cause your wooden surface to get charred, burned or cracked. Moreover, moisture can cause the surface to rot. For effective protection; use either silicon mats, heat protector mats, cutting boards or ceramic tiles.

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