Can You Put Aluminum Foil In Ninja Air Fryer?

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Air fryers are a real game changer. These workhorses’ popularity has skyrocketed due to their healthier cooking style. This appliance’s “say no to oil “strategy is the best device for health-conscious individuals. Additionally, its clean-up is super easy as well. However, users are curious: can you put aluminum foil in ninja air fryer?

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Considering the tremendous effects the foil has; and how it can make clean-up stress-free, this question is quite tempting! Let’s explore air frying with aluminum foil!

Can You Put Aluminum Foil In Ninja Air Fryer?

Yes! You can do air frying with aluminum foil. Using this heat-conducting sheet will reduce the average clean-up time. This appliance differs from microwave ovens and won’t catch fire or burn due to heat. Air fryers are aluminum foil friendly; however, there are a few things you need to consider and remember while using aluminum foil for evenly cooked and delicious food. 

Can You Put Aluminum Foil In Ninja Air Fryer

Why Can You Put Aluminum Foil In Ninja Air Fryer?

Traditional microwave ovens use radiating heat to cook food. The radiation penetrates through the food to cook it. If you cover the food with foil, the radiation will penetrate it, causing it to catch fire.

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Contrary to this, the air fryers use a heating element- to produce heat and a fan that circulates the hot air to hard-to-reach areas for even what distribution. Using aluminum foil in the fryer is different; the mess created while air frying fatty food; will be reduced, as the dripping of fats, grease, and oil; will all be on the foil. Easy-peasy! To use the foil in the air fryer, you need to follow the steps below:

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How To Put Aluminum Foil In Ninja Air Fryer – A Stepwise Process:

Step#1: Cut the Foil:

The first step is to cut the foil to cover the air fryer basket. The best way is to grab the foil roll and take it out until it covers almost every inch of your fryer basket. Use a pair of scissors to cut the foil from the roll. 

Step#2: Placing The Foil:

After cutting off the foil; now place it into the bottom of the ninja air fryer basket. Make sure it fits snuggly and the sides of the foil are raised to avoid the drippings from sliding over.

Step#3: Place the Food:

Now, palace the food onto the foil. Remember not to overcrowd the foil; there is adequate space between the food items so that heat can evenly circulate and cook every piece. Overcrowding will hinder hot air circulation.

Step#4: Cook Food:

Set the cooking settings and wait for the food to get cooked. Periodically check the food to ensure its cooking properly.

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Step#5: Remove The Foil and Food:

After the food is cooked, remove the foil along with the food. Don’t leave the foil in the basket. 

Precautions You Need To Take While Using Aluminum Foil:

Use Less Foil: To use the last foil to cover the food. Using large amounts will block the airflow and cook food unevenly.

Don’t Touch Heating Element: Be careful while placing the foil in the basket. Ensure that the foil doesn’t touch the fryer fan or the heating element. The foil can melt, catch fire or cause uneven cooking of food. 

Don’t Use With Acidic Food: Foil should not be used to cover acidic or spicy foods. This is because a chemical reaction can occur, resulting in the foil developing black specks, and its little metal particles will eventually mix up with food and contaminate it. This is unhealthy. You can use acidic foils for acidic food.

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Don’t Poke Holes In Foil: Plenty of trendy Youtube videos recommend poking holes in the aluminum foil for even air circulation. However, this defeats its purpose of keeping the basket clean. The oils, grease, and sauces drip on the basket creating a huge mess.

Don’t Use Crumpled Foil: People also recommend using a crumpled foil to raize the food in the fryer basket. However, experts believe doing this; will block the airflow and result in uneven cooking. Moreover, it can puncture the basket. 

Don’t Put Foil At the Bottom: It’s recommended to place foil at the bottom of the fryer basket; however, it’s not advised to put it at the bottom of the air fryer. This will prevent airflow, and food won’t be cooked properly.

Don’t Preheat With Foil: Lastly, don’t preheat the air fryer with foil. Place the foil after preheating the air fryer. 

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Can you use Aluminum Foil in the Air Fryer? (FIRE DANGER!)


We have targeted the question: Can You Put Aluminum Foil In Ninja Air Fryer? The air fryer is aluminum foil-friendly. However, care must be taken while using it. You shouldn’t use too much foil as it can block the airflow; don’t use it on acidic food as it can contaminate the food.

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