Can You Put Aluminum Foil In Gourmia Air Fryer

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Gourmia air fryers have certainly revolutionized your kitchens with their innovative cooking technology. Its smooth and easy cooking system allows you to create delicious and heartfelt meals on the go.

However, as used, you are in a constant race for quick and easy cooking tricks to help you create delicious meals for yourself and your lovely family. Scrolling over the YouTube cooking videos, you usually find people using Aluminum foils to reach maximum. Crispiness and taste hence leading you to ask: can you put Aluminum foil in gourmia air fryer?We are here to resolve your query regarding gourmia air fryers.

Keep on reading to find out.

Can You Put Aluminum Foil In Gourmia Air Fryer?

You can use aluminum foil in a gourmia air fryer. However, ensure that you don’t use too much foil. Compared to microwave ovens, the gourmia air fryers use hot air to cook food and using Aluminum foil during the cooking process won’t put you at risk.

Can You Put Aluminum Foil In Gourmia Air Fryer

Can I Use Aluminum Foil In My Gourmia Air Fryer?

Yes, you definitely can use the Aluminum foil inside your gourmia air fryer. Unlike the convection ovens, that ban the use of Aluminum foil while cooking, the air fryer doesn’t. Contrary to microwaves which use radio waves to cook food, the air fryers use hot air. It won’t start to sparkle when you start cooking with the gourmia air fryer Aluminum foil.

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How To Put Aluminum Foil in Gourmia Air Fryer?

After realizing that you can put aluminum foil in an air fryer, let us discuss the safe way to put the foil inside the fryer basket.

For this, follow the steps below;

Get aluminum foil: Firstly take the aluminum foil and take out the desired amount as required by the air fryer basket. A simple way is to hold the aluminum foil roll and then start spreading it over the fryer basket. It should cover the basket sides by an inch on each side. You can use scissors to cut the exact size 

Don’t cover anything outside the air fryer basket: It’s a hassle to clean the air fryer baskets, and hence it gets very tempting to place the foil on the base to preserve the oils, grease and juices of the food. However, this approach is wrong.When you set the foil at the basket bottom, it disrupts the normal airflow.The alternative to this is to place a slice of bread or water to preserve the juices and oils.

Put foil in a gourmia air fryer basket: Evenly spread out the aluminum foil in the fryer basket. Ensure that the foil is straight out and is crumbled.Additionally, never cover the entire fryer basket with foil as it will interfere with the normal hot airflow.Moreover, wrap your food with aluminum foil before placing it in the basket.

Weigh foil down: Weigh your aluminum foil down so that it doesn’t get blown into the fryer fan and jam your unit’s functioning. To do this, enfold your food inside the foil so that it doesn’t get blown out. Your food will weigh down the foil. Moreover, when you wrap your food, all the juices, oils and grease will accumulate over the foil. They won’t be wasted nor will they create a mess inside the fryer basket.

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Don’t overcrowd The Basket:

Although you are placing the foil inside the fryer basket, ensure that you don’t overload the basket with tons of food. This can block the airflow and hence disrupt the normal cooking process.


While using Aluminum foil, ensure that it’s not too close to the heating element as it can cause fire.

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Tips To Use Aluminum Foil in Gourmia Air Fryer

To ensure smooth and easy cooking, it’s best that you follow the following tips for using Aluminum foil.

Don’t Fill Gaps: Don’t fill the gaps of the air fryer basket as it will disrupt the airflow. The holes at the bottom of the basket are to ensure proper air circulation for proper food cooking. However, if you cover the gap holes, then airflow will be disrupted and your food will just brown from the top. It won’t cook properly.

Don’t Poke Holes: Don’t poke holes into the Aluminum foil as it will decide the purpose of the paper. Oils and grease will start to collect in the air fryer basket.

Don’t Use Too Much: Little is always better. Don’t use too much aluminum foil as it can block the airflow and result in uneven cooking of food.

Don’t Preheat With Foil: Although aluminum foil is safe to use, you can’t keep it inside the air fryer for long hours. Additionally, you can preheat the appliance with foil inside it. The foil can cause fire and create a fire hazard.

Foods You can use Aluminum Foil: 

You cannot use aluminum foil with all kinds of food as it can result in an acidic reaction.

  • Safe foods with which you can use aluminum foil include meats like chicken, fish, and pork, and veggies like potatoes. You can especially use it when you are grilling or roasting the veggies.
  • Apart from that, you can use foil to cook fish, fruits like apples, and bananas, and even lasagna or enchiladas as it can perfectly wrap foods with sauces.

Foods To Avoid:

  • Don’t use aluminum foil or gourmia air fryer parchment paper with high acid content foods like tomatoes or citrus foods. The acid can react with foil and hence affect the natural taste of the food and can result in aluminum leaching.
  • Similarly, don’t use aluminum foil with dairy foods like cheese or cream-based sauces as it can result in discoloration or change in flavor.
  • Don’t use high salt content foods.
Can you put aluminum foil in an air fryer?

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Can You Put Parchment Paper In Gourmia Air Fryer

Yes, you can use parchment paper in your gourmia air fryer. Parchment paper for gourmia air fryer is heat resistant and won’t interfere with your cooking sessions. You can use it to keep the oils and grease in one place, without risking the cleanliness of your fryer basket.

Aluminum is a suitable kitchen product that has multiple uses. It’s wise to line your air fryer basket with aluminum foil to preserve the oils, grease and juices of your food. However, you shouldn’t use too much foil and always ensure that it’s not near the heating element or the fan to prevent any fire hazard.The foil insertion keeps the food warm, moist and crispy. We hope that we have resolved your query on whether can i put aluminum foil in gourmia air fryer.

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