Anum Abid

Senior Writer

Anum, our esteemed Senior Writer at KitchenFryer, brings our team a unique blend of expertise and passion. Since joining us in 2023, she has become an indispensable source of knowledge on air fryers, sharing her insights through meticulously crafted recipes, air frying tips, guides, and product reviews. 

With a background in Clinical Psychology from King Edward Medical University, Pakistan, Anum’s journey into the culinary world might seem unconventional. However, her fascination with kitchen appliances, especially air fryers, has led her down a path of culinary exploration. 

Anum’s obsession with air fryers goes beyond mere usage; she delves into different brands, exploring their nuances to offer her readers the best advice. 

Her enthusiasm doesn’t stop at personal exploration; Anum is dedicated to sharing effective tips and hacks for easy cooking, making her articles a treasure trove for anyone looking to perfect their fry. Also, her contributions to KitchenFryer are invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their cooking experience.

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